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Replacing a shower involves a few more decisions. Showers are typically of the fiberglass type as well, while some are complete tile assemblies with a shower pan underneath (see "Shower Pans" section). Replacing a fiberglass assembly with another unit of the same style and size is relatively easy, and the most common type of replacement. The shower valve and drainage are disconnected, and the old shower assembly is pulled out. The new shower is then installed, connecting everything back up and sealing all the edges. Removal of sheetrock or wall material is usually necessary to accommodate the complete installations, as access to the shower valve is necessary. Replacing a tile shower is much more involved, and as such is more expensive. Removal of all the tile work is the first step. This alone is tedious work and can take some time. Disconnecting the drainage and shower valve is necessary. The shower pan is now accessible. If replacement of the shower pan is needed (older pans were made of lead, and often leaked), now is the time to perform that job. Once all prep work has been completed, including valve replacement, drain work, and if necessary, the shower pan, a tile man can now come and reinstall all of the tiling, with thousands of colors and design options. Plumbers DO NOT perform this task. Once all the tile has been replaced, a plumber can come back and "trim out" the shower, installing the shower arm, handle, and trim plate.

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